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Client Testimonials


S. FitzPatrick – age 50+

July 23, 2018

Jeannette LeHoullier was very, very knowledgeable about everything in my IPhone.  In fact, I’ve never met anyone more knowledgeable than she.  She was also very professional and friendly.  “Easy to work with”.  Thank you.

J. Groch - age 60+

December 19, 2019

I have the fantastic opportunity to have Jeannette LeHoullier to be my tutor to better enable me to understand how to use my computer, Smartphone, and tablet.

She is so patient and kind - other people have tried to teach me to be more techno knowledge, but proved to be not nearly as patient nor helpful.

So, if you are looking for a computer teacher or ways to understand technology- look no further - Jeannette LeHoullier’s DJ's Virtual Management - you will be so happy you found her wonderful services!

R.  Parker – age 60+

January 29, 2019

The one-on-one lesson that I have been getting from you is just wonderful and helpful.  I have learned a lot.  You are a great and smart computer teacher.  One day, I hope I can be almost as smart as you are on a computer.  I have been working on Microsoft PowerPoint, Word and Excel at home in between our appointments.  It’s been really hard to do without your tutoring, but I will keep trying.  I look forward to our next appointment.

E. Harrison – age 70+

July 25, 2018


It is my pleasure to recommend Jeannette Le Houllier. She is extremely knowledgeable, and always willing to help. She finds it easy to say, "If I don't know the answer and don't have the solution , I'll try to get it for you."


I met Jeannette at the Kay Cisneros Senior Center at a very needy time in my life, as I was making the transition from a flip phone to a Smart phone & tablet. She readily understood and explained the solutions. She's patient, and remains pleasant, in addition, Jeannette is a very loving person, and I highly recommend her.

M. Ortega – age 79

April 30, 2018

My name is M.J. Ortega.  I’m 79 years old learning how to use the computer and smart phone.  I felt insecure to learn new technology.  I’m not too sure of myself, but I’m not too excited.  Sometimes, I don’t think I need to learn more.  There is a Generation Gap with family and friends.  I want to learn to communicate easier and better with young people that I am around.  But I find it difficult to retain everything that Jeannette teaches me.  On many occasions, I am surrounded by smart phone users.

I’m so lucky to have Jeannette as my teacher.  She is patient with me and not only that, she is very knowledgeable.  Jeannette comes along side of me and helps me feel confident.   She has taught me not to give up and to be patient with myself.  Jeannette has inspired me to keep on trying.   I have learned from her qualities that are not too easy to find with everybody that you meet.  I feel very blessed to call her my friend.

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