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About Us

Jeannette LeHoullier has experience as a former CEO of a HealthCare Foundation in Orange County, as well as years of administrative, website and computer training customer support.

Senior Tutor

Jeannette enjoys helping Seniors and others become better acquainted with their cell phones, tablets or laptop computers.  She teaches with the philosophy that we are all lifelong learners - nothing is too difficult with a little patience. Jeannette also enjoys communicating with various levels of learners, with varied interests and skill sets.

Her desire to start a business with a Senior focus began as she volunteered at the Kay Ceniceros Senior Center in Menifee, CA for the past 2 years. As she tutored, she became aware of the need for peer tutoring - one Senior to another Senior. Many of her students verbalized the need for private tutoring, as family members and friends were often too busy or impatient to help.

Uniquely practicing a hands on approach to tech support - which is the only way to go - THE STUDENT LEARNS HOW TO MANAGE THEIR OWN DEVICE.


Personal Assistant


Doris Jeannette "DJ" has years of administrative support with numerous business sectors ranging from non profit grantmaking, economic forensic consulting, hotel industry event planning to home office entrepreneurship.

Small business owners have access to an experienced Personal Assistant.

DJ's Virtual Management builds on the principles of their motto:


Assist with Integrity, Compassion and Patience

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Client Recommendation


It is my pleasure to recommend Jeannette LeHoullier. She is extremely knowledgeable,

and always willing to help. She finds it easy to say, "If I don't know the answer and don't have the solution , I'll try to get it for you."


I met Jeannette at the Kay Ceniceros Senior Center at a very needy time in my life, as I was making the transition from a flip phone to a smart phone & tablet. She readily understood and explained the solutions.


She's patient, and remains pleasant, in addition, Jeannette is a very loving person, and I highly recommend her.

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